Walk-in clinic in Marion and Centralia, IL

A walk-in visit may be necessary to treat a wide range of issues that can arise in adults or children. For example, if you sustained a deep cut on your thumb while chopping vegetables, you might need a walk-in visit to have the wound sutured and treated right away.

If your child woke in the morning with a sore throat and fever, a walk-in visit makes it possible to have your child seen by a doctor without scheduling an appointment in advance. Some people like the convenience of walk-ins for immunizations and other medical services.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology for a walk-in appointment?

Patients choose us for walk-ins because we believe they deserve exceptional, comprehensive care, and we provide it. Our multidisciplinary practice offers primary care, general surgery, vascular surgery, aesthetics, and cosmetics. It is our mission to provide superior care with the highest level of integrity and service.

What can I expect with a walk-in visit?

The treatment you receive when you walk into our practice will depend on the nature of your injury or illness. We provide full-service family medical care, including primary care walk-in services. When you walk into our office with a non-life-threatening injury or illness, you can expect to receive excellent care and service.


Can walk-ins take the place of emergency room visits?

Anyone with severe injuries or potentially life-threatening illness should go to the emergency room or call 911. We welcome walk-in visits for minor injuries, illnesses that are not life-threatening, and a range of primary care services.

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