Am I a candidate for vein treatment in Centralia, IL?

If you have spider veins, you may be a candidate for Aerolase laser vein treatment. These unsightly red, purple, or blue veins are visible through the skin and often mar the appearance of your legs or face. If you are reluctant to wear shorts, sundresses, or swimsuits because of spider veins, Aerolase laser treatment may be a good option for you.

What should I expect with vein treatment?

  • You may need a series of treatments spaced three to four weeks apart to achieve optimal results.
  • A treatment may take between 20 to 60 minutes to perform.
  • The Aerolase laser uses microsecond technology to deliver very short bursts of high energy through the skin.
  • The treatment causes the blood within the veins to coagulate, thereby destroying the blood vessel.
  • The vein will be naturally absorbed by the body over several weeks, leaving the skin looking smoother, evenly toned, and more attractive.

Does vein treatment require any downtime?

There is no downtime after Aerolase spider vein treatment. This state-of-the-art laser is gentle and completely non-invasive. You may return to your usual routine following your procedure. We will advise you on how long to avoid strenuous exercise.

Why choose us for vein treatment?

At Advanced Surgical Technology in Centralia, IL, we focus on the most advanced aesthetic treatments at our practice, along with vascular surgery, general surgery, cosmetics, and primary care.

Our medical staff is committed to providing an exceptional degree of service and care for skin rejuvenation and enhancement, including removing unsightly visible veins.


What causes spider veins?

When blood backs up in the vein, spider veins can form. This backing up of blood may have several causes, including pregnancy, hormonal changes, sun exposure, injury, and aging.

Is vein treatment painful?

Vein treatment with the Aerolase laser is quite tolerable for most patients. You will experience a sensation of warmth and possibly a slight pinching feeling on occasion. The Aerolase laser makes virtually pain-free treatment possible, even on darker skin types.

Will I have scars after laser vein treatment?

No. There is virtually no risk of scarring with Aerolase laser vein treatment.

Can spider veins reappear after vein treatment?

Once they are destroyed and absorbed by the body, treated spider veins are permanently gone. However, new spider veins may develop over time, and you may need additional treatments.

Can spider veins on my face be treated?

Yes. The Aerolase laser is effective for both leg veins and facial veins.

Does skin type matter in vein treatment?

No. The Aerolase laser is safe and effective for all skin types and tones.

How many vein treatments will I need?

Your doctor can design a vein treatment plan for you. In many cases, results are achieved in as little as one to two treatments.

How will my veins look after treatment?

Treated veins may look like cat scratches for several weeks after treatment. When the destroyed veins are absorbed by the body, your skin will appear rejuvenated.

Will my insurance cover vein treatment?

Insurance companies will typically cover only medically necessary procedures. Check with your insurer to find out if laser treatment for spider veins is covered. Many health insurance plans will pay for varicose or spider vein removal if it is medically necessary, rather than cosmetic.

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