Expert Primary Care

Our primary care doctors provide comprehensive care, meaning they help prevent, diagnose, and treat acute illnesses, injuries, and chronic diseases and health conditions.

Who needs general healthcare?

Men, women, and children of any age and any health condition need general healthcare. Immunizations, screenings, and other preventative measures can help prevent various illnesses and allow for early detection and better outcomes when health problems arise.

Everyone, from infants to older people, can benefit from regular general healthcare services. Our primary care physicians in Mt. Vernon & Centralia, & many other locations throughout Southern IL, are here to facilitate just that.

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Why choose us as your primary care physicians for the entire family?

At Advanced Surgical Technology, we are committed to delivering unparalleled and comprehensive care to our patients. Our mission is to provide superior medical services with the utmost integrity. Beyond primary care, we specialize in general, vascular, cosmetics, and aesthetics.

Moreover, many insurance companies offer full coverage for preventative care services.

What can I expect with general healthcare from AST Primary Care?

When you come to our office for a provider visit, you can expect to have:

  • Measurements taken, including height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure
  • A thorough review of your medical and family history
  • Records made of your current medications and healthcare providers
  • Your health conditions and concerns addressed
  • A review of your risk factors
  • Personalized health recommendations
  • A schedule of preventative services, such as immunizations and screening

Primary Care Provider At Advanced Surgical Technology

Emily Roach, FNP-C 

Dr. Emily Roach Primary Care Doctor At Advanced Surgical Technology

Primary Care FAQs

What are the advantages of general healthcare for the entire family?

General healthcare services can help your family live healthier. A link has been established between primary care and longer life. When preventative measures are taken, and health conditions are detected early, family members are less likely to need surgery or hospitalization. General healthcare can also save you time and money. When you see your primary care provider, you can address multiple health concerns in a single visit. Many insurance companies cover preventative care 100%.

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