Ankle-brachial index testing (ABI)

This test will compare the blood pressure in your upper and lower limbs. You will be lying comfortably on your back during the test. The blood pressure cuff is inflated (like a standard blood pressure test) and an ultrasound probe is placed over the artery, allowing our physician to listen to the blood flowing through the artery. The testing cuff is inflated until the blood flow through the artery is halted and is then slowly released.

The process will then be repeated on the other ankle and your arms. A value is calculated, called ABI. The test does not pose a health risk but is inappropriate if a blood clot is suspected.  Your test does not require any preparation, but we advise that you arrive in comfortable, loose clothing. You will be asked to rest on a treatment bed for a period before your test.

Arterial and venous ultrasound

To identify the underlying cause of your symptoms, we may perform arterial or venous ultrasound tests. Arterial and venous ultrasound tests are a non-invasive, painless procedure. The test involves high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your blood vessels to locate a blood clot, identify a leaky blood valve that could be the underlying cause of swollen legs or feet. This test may be performed in cases of peripheral arterial disease to aid in surgical planning.

Diagnostic angiogram

A diagnostic angiogram employs X-ray technology to take images of your blood vessels. This test involves administering a dye, called a contrast agent, into the arteries to be visible in the X-ray. The dye is administered through a catheter, which is inserted into the artery. An angiogram may be ordered to identify an aneurysm, arterial plaque buildup (stenosis), blood clots, or a blood vessel malformation.

Intravascular ultrasound

An intravascular ultrasound is a diagnostic test that allows your physician to view the inside of a coronary artery to identify issues such as narrowing of the vessel due to plaque buildup.

This procedure is also used in the placement of stents. At Advanced Surgical Technology, we ensure our patients are comfortable throughout the procedure and administer a local anesthetic and a sedative before the test. A probe is inserted into the artery, which emits sound waves which create the images your doctor can review. Following your test, you will need to rest, laying flat, for several hours.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology?

At Advanced Surgical Technology, your diagnostic tests will be performed by one of the most experienced vascular surgeons in the region, Dr. Liyanage. You can expect to be treated with the utmost care and attention and to have every detail explained to you thoroughly so you are comfortable and confident.

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