What to Do With Breast Lumps

Breast lumps can be very common, and it is not abnormal to have lumpy breasts. Determining the difference between a normal and an abnormal lump or nodule can be challenging. If you are unsure whether a lump is normal or abnormal, do not wait to schedule an appointment with a breast care specialist who can help you determine whether treatment is necessary and can perform the appropriate diagnostic imaging. 

If you have discovered a lump and recently had a routine mammogram, your partner has found a lump in your breast, or you are simply unsure about a breast lump/nodule, it is still imperative to be checked by a breast specialist. Many women notice changes in their breasts during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, Dr. Brandt advises her patients to trust their intuition and act when something seems wrong. 

It is not uncommon for men to develop a lump or swelling in one or both breasts. Assessment for males includes a physical exam as well as imaging. Painful, swollen breasts are more common in men than most people realize. Hormones, medication, and common bodybuilding supplements are all associated with breast concerns in men. 

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