Who is a candidate for our in-office procedures?

You may be a candidate for an in-office procedure if you have a medical condition or cosmetic concern that requires only a visit to our office. For example, if you are experiencing pain caused by inflammation of a joint, your provider may recommend a joint injection performed in the office. If you have past trauma, severe muscle spasms, or tight muscles around the neck and shoulders causing tension headaches, you may be a candidate for trigger point injections.

Why choose AST Primary Care for in-office procedures?

We offer a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical treatments performed with the highest standard of integrity and care. Our office-based lab makes our services faster and more convenient for our patients. In addition to vascular and general surgery, our practice is focused on primary care, aesthetics, and mental health.

What should I expect with an in-office procedure?

The details of what you can expect with an in-office procedure will depend on the procedure you are undergoing. The following examples can give you an idea of what in-office procedures are like.

Trigger point injections

This procedure takes only a few minutes. The provider examines the muscle carefully to find the trigger points. Topical anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment site. The provider inserts a small needle into the trigger point and injects a medication.

Joint injections

Your provider may use x-ray to guide the needle into the joint. A solution of anesthetic and steroids is injected into the area to provide immediate relief and improve range of motion. This in-office procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.

BOTOX injections

BOTOX (botulinum toxin) may be used for cosmetic reasons or to treat migraines. The provider injects tiny amounts of BOTOX into the skin or muscles, using a thin needle. The number of injections required depends on several factors, including extent of the treatment area.

Do in-office procedures require recovery time?

There is little or no downtime with many in-office procedures. You will need someone to drive you home after joint injections, and you may experience some swelling and soreness at the site for a few days. You may resume all your normal activities after 24 hours. There is no significant recovery time with trigger point injections or BOTOX injections.


Will my injections hurt?

A local anesthetic is applied to numb the injection site area. In some cases, you may be given an oral sedative as well to make your in-office procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

Is fasting required before an in-office procedure?

You will not need to fast before your injections but avoid eating a heavy meal. It is best to have a light meal at least one hour before your procedure is scheduled.

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