Am I a candidate for SkinMedica?

Most adults can benefit from the SkinMedica skincare line. Products are formulated to be used on all skin types and with most skin conditions, including post-procedure and sensitive skin. Your doctor can recommend the best SkinMedica products and care regime for you.

Why choose us for SkinMedica?

Aesthetics is one of our main practice areas at Advanced Surgical Technology. We also offer superior care in general surgery, vascular surgery, primary care, and cosmetics. Our medical professionals operate with the highest level of integrity and service and our aestheticians are committed to helping you find the products that will help you look and feel your best.

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What causes age spots?

Cumulative sun exposure is associated with age spots, as they mostly appear in exposed areas. Ultraviolet rays stimulate the melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) in the skin to produce more pigment.

What causes wrinkles?

Degenerative changes in proteins of the skin’s infrastructure cause lines and wrinkles. Examples of such changes include collagen reduction and loss of antioxidants. Wrinkles are also caused by repeated muscle movements that create creases over time.

How can I protect and maintain skin health?

The following two steps are essential for maintaining healthy skin:

  • Use sun protection.
  • Use the right skincare products containing ingredients essential for skin health.

What role does my doctor play in my SkinMedica skincare regime?

Your doctor plays an important role in helping you care for your skin. He can advise you on how to enhance your skin’s health and beauty.

Should I refrigerate my SkinMedica products?

No, there is no need to refrigerate these products. They should be stored at room temperature.

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