When the blood flow is impaired due to a blockage, hemorrhage, or a malformed vessel, various very serious symptoms can develop, including:

  • Dizziness, nausea, or vomiting
  • Unusual severe headache
  • Confusion, disorientation, or memory loss
  • Numbness, weakness in an arm, leg, or the face, especially on one side
  • Abnormal or slurred speech, difficulty with communication
  • Paralysis on one side of the body
  • Loss of vision on one side
  • Loss of balance

Types of cerebrovascular diseases and symptoms

A stroke, TIA (transient ischemic attack), an aneurysm, or a malformed blood vessel could lead to frightening symptoms, requiring immediate treatment to attempt to restore health and protect the life of the patient. As cerebrovascular disease is the fifth most common cause of death in the USA, treating the condition is of utmost importance. At Advanced Surgical Technology in Mount Vernon and Centralia, Dr. Liyanage has made treating vascular diseases one of the main focuses of his professional career and is among the most caring, educated, and experienced vascular surgeons in the Mt. Vernon and Centralia area.

How does cerebrovascular disease develop?

Restricted blood flow to the brain can occur due to a narrowing of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, the formation of a blood clot, a blockage, or embolism (blood clots forming in the body and traveling through the system and blocking an artery) or a blood vessel rupturing. When the blood supply to the brain is restricted due to one of these conditions, it can lead to a stroke.

Cerebrovascular disease and blood flow to the brain

The blood flow to the brain is supplied through two arteries: the carotid artery and the vertebral artery. The carotid artery splits into two sections at the top of the neck, providing blood flow to the face and internally to the brain.

A common reason for a blood flow blockage is the development of plaque, or fatty deposits lining the interior of the artery, thickening the walls of the vessel.

For the health of the patient, it is imperative that healthy blood flow is restored as quickly as possible. As brain cells do not regenerate like some other types of cells, the speed of your treatment is critical.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology for diagnosis and treatment?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of cerebrovascular disease, undergoing testing to identify the cause is critical. At Advanced Surgical Technology, we offer testing, an in-office lab, and diagnosis and treatment performed with an unparalleled level of compassion, care, and personal support. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a cerebrovascular condition, your treatment will be under the care of one of the most experienced vascular surgeons in the Mt. Vernon and Centralia area, Dr. Liyanage.

Our multidisciplinary practice provides vascular surgery, general surgery, primary care, cosmetics, and aesthetics. Our mission is to provide treatments with the highest level of integrity and service. We personally answer the phones and offer same-day appointments if needed. Our in-office lab allows for greater convenience for our patients, with an in-office carotid angiogram performed to diagnose the condition.

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