Venous disease treatments

Our clinic delivers some of the world’s most effective, least invasive treatments for venous conditions and diseases, including:

  • Percutaneous removal of deep venous thrombosis: This therapy is delivered to treat DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is the development of a blood clot in one of the large, deeper veins, most often appearing in a leg. A thin flexible catheter is inserted into the vein to remove the blood clot. The catheter is employed for various treatments, including delivering medication to dissolve the clot, breaking up the clot, or to place a mesh coil, or “stent” to stably hold the vein open to restore blood flow.
  • Vein ablation: Varicose veins can be treated with vein ablation. This treatment involves cauterizing the damaged vein so that the pooled blood in a swollen vein is routed into a healthy nearby vein. Vein ablation is a safe, minimally invasive treatment that produces results that are far superior to surgical vein removal, allowing you to return to your usual activities right away, other than vigorous exercise.
  • Stab phlebectomy: A treatment for varicose veins, is corrective treatment for varicose veins that still remain after vein ablation. If you have already undergone vein ablation and have been left with some varicose veins. The vein itself is removed from the remaining veins with a “stab phlebectomy.” This is not “vein stripping,” an older technique, and is not painful, and allows you to return to your usual activities within a day or two and requires only over-the-counter pain medication after treatment. The word “stab” may sound concerning, but refers to the very tiny incisions, so small they are more like a needle prick than an incision.
  • Laser treatment: Spider veins can be removed from face or body with an advanced laser treatment performed in-office.

Venous disease: The right treatment for you.

The best treatment for a venous condition is always the therapy that is both effective and as minimally invasive as possible, with the shortest recovery time. At Advanced Surgical Technology, we employ cutting-edge treatments at our private, state-of-the-art clinic in Mt. Vernon and Centralia. When you are under the care of Dr. Liyanage, you can be confident you are in the hands of a highly experienced vascular surgeon who has a reputation for superior care and personalized service.

Types of venous diseases and conditions

At Advanced Surgical Technology, we deliver cutting-edge treatments for a range of venous conditions and diseases, including:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency: This condition involves blood pooling or collecting in the leg veins, as it is unable to return to the heart as it should. It may be the results of faulty vein valves or the result of a blood clot, lack of physical exercise, obesity, pregnancy, smoking, or a family history of developing blood clots.
  • Venous hypertension: This condition is high blood pressure in the veins, caused by a backflow of the venous blood which can force the one-way valves in the veins open.
  • DVT (deep vein thrombosis): A blood clot forms in one of the deeper veins, typically in the legs.
  • Varicose veins: Varicose veins are often painful and unsightly. They are dark purple or blue and have a bulging appearance, often presenting symptoms such as throbbing, itching, cramping, swelling, or skin discolorations.
  • Spider veins: Spider veins often appear on the face, around the nose, or on the legs and torso. They are smaller veins, close to the skin surface, and are red, blue, and look like a twisting web of lines.
  • Bulging veins: Bulging veins can be a symptom of several venous conditions and diseases, including faulty vein valves leading to varicose veins, thrombophlebitis (blood clot), or DVT.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology?

Advanced Surgical Technology is a multidisciplinary practice that delivers groundbreaking vascular surgeries, along with general surgery, primary care, and a range of aesthetic treatments.  Every treatment is customized for the individual, and we treat our patients with an unparalleled level of service. Our mission is to deliver superior surgical (and non-surgical) treatments with the highest integrity and patient-centric service, as we believe our patients deserve it.

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