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Dialysis Access in Mt. Vernon, Centralia and Marion

You may have one of the following types of access points for dialysis:

  • A fistula: This access point involves joining an artery and vein in your arm.
  • A graft: A soft tube is placed, joining an artery and a vein.
  • A HD Catheter: A soft, flexible tube is placed in a large vein. This would be two tubes sticking out of and taped down to the chest that are capped off and a dressing is placed to cover this area.
  • A PD Catheter: This is a soft tube placed laparoscopically into the abdomen attached to an extension set and then covered with a dressing. 

Each type of dialysis access may require a maintenance, most of which can be performed at Advanced Surgical Technology in Mt. Vernon or Centralia.

AV fistula or Graft Creation

If you have been diagnosed with ESRD (end-stage renal disease, requiring a regular dialysis course), an access point will be created to allow you to undergo regular dialysis treatments. An AV fistula is usually created in the arm. An AV fistula procedure involves creating a connection between an artery and a vein. The blood flow created by the synthetic graft produces a rate of blood flow that makes it possible for ongoing successful dialysis treatments.

Hemodialysis catheter placement

This access is often placed in emergent situations and or the very beginning of dialyisis. Most of the time catheters are placed when patients are hospitalized for renal failure and are  first time requiring dialysis. These can also be placed in the office if a fistula or graft are malfunctioning.  These catheters are placed into a central vein, which could be the internal jugular, femoral, or subclavian vein. The catheter is placed with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation when requested, with ultrasound and X-ray guidance for accurate placement.

Peritoneal dialysis catheter placement

This type of catheter is placed in patients who wish to perform dialysis at home. This is often done while the patient is sleeping therefore interfering less with everyday life. For this procedure, Dr. Liyanage would perform this laparoscopically under general anesthesia.  The catheter is placed through the abdomen and advanced through the membrane lining the abdominal wall, the peritoneal space. A specialized medical tube, or catheter, is placed within the abdomen to be accessed during dialysis. The tube is attached to an extension set and a cap is placed on the end of this. 

Maintenance for dialysis access

The vascular access point used during dialysis usually requires maintenance over time. Depending on the type of access you have, various maintenance treatments can be performed at Advanced Surgical Technology. Some problems can develop over time, such as infection, blood clots, or narrowed blood vessels (stenosis). These conditions if caught early can be resolved with an in office procedure saving your access before it becomes completely not useable. If you experience bleeding, signs of infection, fever, swelling, numbness, or a cold hand on the side of your access point, you must immediately seek treatment. At Advanced Surgical Technology, we offer same-day appointments and can help you resolve any issue rapidly.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology for dialysis maintenance?

If you require regular dialysis, you are very familiar with visiting medical facilities. When you come to Advanced Surgical Technology, you will discover a different kind of medical center, where you will experience compassionate care, support, and unparalleled personal services. We believe our patients deserve superior surgical and non-surgical care, performed with the highest level of integrity and service and comprehensive care. We answer the phones personally and offer same-day service if you need immediate assistance.

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