The first step is a comprehensive diagnosis to evaluate the extent of the condition. In some cases, the swelling has not advanced to the point where surgery is necessary. Generally, a visceral aneurysm that has swelled to larger than two centimeters will require surgical intervention.

What causes a visceral artery aneurysm?

Several conditions can lead to developing a visceral artery aneurysm. These include:

  • Hardening of the arteries
  • A side effect of an abdominal surgery
  • An infection
  • Trauma
  • A connective tissue disorder such as Ehlers-Danlos or Marfan syndrome

Is a visceral artery aneurysm dangerous?

A visceral artery aneurysm, if left untreated, can lead to very serious health risks. If the artery wall bursts, you may suffer life-threatening internal bleeding. Early surgical intervention or close monitoring of the condition can be critical for protecting your health and wellbeing.

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What are the symptoms?

Unfortunately, this condition may not present any symptoms and may be discovered when undergoing testing for an unrelated condition. In other cases, you may experience these symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen or back
  • Internal bleeding
  • A lump appearing beneath your abdomen skin

Diagnosing visceral artery aneurysm: Advanced Surgical Technology

A visceral artery aneurysm may be identified with a specialized type of ultrasound, a CT scan, or MRI, or may have been discovered with testing for another condition. Once identified, a treatment protocol can be established.

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Treatment for visceral artery aneurysm in Mt. Vernon and Centralia

The treatment performed will reflect the extent of the swelling of the artery. For a smaller swelling, regular follow-up appointments will be needed to monitor whether the swelling is worsening. Larger aneurysms are often treated with a specialized surgical procedure, which is minimally invasive. Stent grafting can strengthen the walls of the damaged artery.

What is stent grafting for a visceral artery aneurysm?

This treatment involves inserting a fabric-covered mesh tube into the swollen area of the artery. The artery is repaired from the inside out, as the mesh fabric provides the missing support to the artery wall. A small incision is placed in the groin to access the artery, and the catheter advanced using real-time X-ray guidance.

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