Who can benefit from an on-site lab?

Any patient who requires lab work can benefit from our on-site lab. Wait times for results are minimized with on-site lab testing and screening. It is far more convenient, as you will not need to travel to another location for your tests.

Why choose us for on-site lab services?

At AST Primary Care, our on-site lab makes services quicker and convenient for our patients. We believe you deserve unparalleled, comprehensive care. Our practice is committed to providing superior patient care with integrity and outstanding service.

What can I expect with an on-site lab?

Your experience with an on-site lab will depend on your testing or screening.

  • If your provider orders blood work, the lab can do the blood draw on-site. This is a simple procedure in which a needle is inserted into a vein, and blood is drawn to fill the required number of vials.
  • For other tests, such as pregnancy and urinalysis for UTI, you may be asked to provide a urine sample. You can expect total privacy and discretion in all testing procedures at Advanced Surgical Technology.
  • For some tests and screenings, your provider may send a tissue sample or culture to the on-site lab for testing.


How quickly can an on-site lab return results?

The speed of results will depend on the test or screening. With rapid influenza A and B testing and rapid mono screening, you may have results in as little as 15 minutes. A rapid strep test may only take five minutes.

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