After being diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease, Dr. Liyanage will perform the appropriate treatment. The treatment will reflect your individual condition and will be selected to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life going forward.

Percutaneous mechanical atherectomy

A percutaneous mechanical atherectomy is a minimally invasive treatment option to treat plaque buildup in the blood vessels, which has led to uncomfortable symptoms such as leg and foot swelling and pain. Our vascular surgery in Mount Vernon and Centralia, IL involves the removal of excess plaque in the blood vessel with a tiny blade attached to the end of a catheter, guided by real-time X-ray video images during the treatment to remove the blockage.

Percutaneous laser atherectomy in Mt. Vernon and Centralia

This procedure is performed to remove plaque within a blood vessel with a specialized medical laser device. The laser works to vaporize the plaque buildup within the vessel and restore healthy blood flow, thereby relieving symptoms. Before your procedure, you will be administered a sedative, so you feel relaxed. You will feel comfortable throughout the procedure, which takes about two hours to complete.

Percutaneous balloon angioplasty

A balloon angioplasty begins with the injection of a contrast dye into the bloodstream. This dye allows your blood vessels to be visible on an X-ray monitor. A device with a small balloon at the end of a catheter is inserted until it reaches the area that has become narrowed, guided by real-time X-ray images. Once it reaches the restricted area, the balloon is inflated, flattening the plaque onto the artery wall, opening it, so blood flow is increased.

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Percutaneous arterial stent placement in Mt. Vernon and Centralia

Percutaneous arterial stent placement is a minimally invasive vascular surgery in Mount Vernon and Centralia, IL to restore healthy blood flow to blood vessels that are restricted due to plaque buildup.

This treatment involves placing a small incision in the thigh to access the femoral artery. A probe is inserted into the artery and advanced using X-ray guidance to the area of blockage.

A stent is a mesh tube that is placed inside the artery to hold the artery open after it has been opened with the balloon. When the catheter is removed, the stent remains in place to hold the blood vessel open.

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Open arterial bypass if necessary

In some cases, an open arterial bypass may be the most appropriate treatment option. In this procedure, an incision will be placed above the blocked artery. You will be under anesthesia, so the procedure is painless. The damaged artery is clamped, and a graft that bypasses the damaged area is put in place to allow the blood to flow freely.

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology?

At Advanced Surgical Technology, every treatment is customized for the individual. Our mission is to provide superior surgical treatments with the highest level of integrity and personalized service. We feel that every patient we treat deserves an unparalleled level of compassionate care. We do all we can to make your journey to better health a comfortable experience, from start to finish. Dr. Liyanage is a board-certified general and vascular surgeon with extensive education and training in peripheral vascular disease treatment. He and his team of medical professionals provide a superior level of care and deliver a range of the most advanced treatments available.

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