Types of Breast Infection

Breast infections, including mastitis, can develop while breastfeeding and often require a short course of antibiotics. This only occurs once or twice for most women and is rarely a long-term problem. 

Zuska’s disease can be very frustrating for many patients and is not uncommon. It can affect men as well as women. This generally starts as an abscess behind the nipple. The area can become painful and swollen rapidly, requiring incision and drainage. The wound will seem to heal but then drain repeatedly over weeks or months. Several different bacteria have been associated with Zuska’s disease. Smoking is the most significant risk factor. This disease can also be associated with nipple piercings. 

Patients with Zuska’s disease often undergo multiple procedures to correct the condition. However, currently, there is no cure for this condition. Your breast care specialist may explore various treatment options to find the best solution for each patient to help them manage this chronic disease. 

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