What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are painful knots in your muscles, formed when the muscles are contracted and can’t relax. Sometimes you can feel these knots when you rub or massage your muscles. These trigger points are painful in themselves, but as they spasm, or seize up, they can also hold other muscles out of place. This causes pain and tension headaches, and it prevents the body from healing from a neck or back injury.

Back and neck pain, tension headaches caused by stressed, and tight muscles, are a common concern affecting up to 80% of people at some point in their life. Many people suffer from arm or leg muscle pain, spasms and other issues caused by contracted, tight muscles. Trigger point injections are designed to address the source of this problem. These injections relax and ease the muscles, allowing your body to heal and alleviating your pain.

Who should consider getting a trigger point injection?

Patients who are experiencing sore, painful knots in their back, neck, or other parts of the body, such as the arms and legs, are candidates for a trigger point injection. Patients who have suffered from a back or neck injury, such as a “pulled” or “kinked” neck or back, may find relief from a trigger point injection. In this case, the muscles around the injury have spasmed, keeping the muscles painfully tight.

A trigger point injection can also be used to treat patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and myofascial pain. Depending on your unique concerns and pain, one of our providers at Advanced Surgical Technology will help you determine whether trigger point injections are best for you.

Robert Swayze, FNP-BC Explains What Trigger Points Are and How Injections Can Help

Dr. Robert Swayze Explaining What Trigger Points Are And How Trigger Point Injections Can Help

How does a trigger point injection work?

A trigger point injection is formulated to target the knots or trigger points in the body, helping soothe pain in muscles, especially in the lower back, arms, legs and neck.

At Advanced Surgical Technology, each person is assessed individually. During consultation and assessment, an examination is done of the painful points in the body to locate and feel the severity of the trigger points you suffer from. 

Based on this assessment, an injection of a small amount of steroids or anesthetic, or in some cases, both, is prepared. This is then injected, while you sit or lie down. The injection goes directly into the trigger point, helping to break up the knot and ease the pain, offering relief and allowing injuries to heal. The process of injection takes only a few minutes.

What happens after the procedure, and how long will the relief last?

Once the injection is complete, you should be able to move and use your muscle or muscles. It’s a good idea to take it easy at first and to be sure to avoid any strenuous activity for the first few days.

In most cases, the relief lasts up to six weeks. The time can vary based on what injection is chosen to treat the issue, but you should be free of pain and spasms from your trigger point for one month at least, which in the case of injury, gives your body time to heal.

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Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology for Trigger Point Injections?

Our Mt. Vernon, IL practice is multidisciplinary. At Advanced Surgical Technology, we are committed to providing excellence in both surgical and nonsurgical care, with the highest level of service and integrity. If you struggle with muscle pain, tension headaches or other issues caused by trigger points that don’t resolve with pain medication or physical therapy, you are likely a candidate for trigger point injections. Contact us for a consultation, and experience relief from your muscle pain.

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