A carotid stenting procedure is performed after a carotid angioplasty test has been completed and the problem area identified. Percutaneous carotid stent placement can be performed the same day as the carotid angiogram.

What is percutaneous carotid stent placement?

A percutaneous carotid stent is a minimally invasive treatment to widen an artery that has been blocked due to atherosclerosis (fat and cholesterol buildup). The first step involves inserting a tiny balloon into a restricted artery to expand the restricted area. A tiny metal coil is then inserted into the artery to keep it stably opened. This treatment can be an important step in maintaining your health and avoiding a stroke. It is performed while you are awake and has little recovery time. Every patient at Advanced Surgical Technology will have a customized treatment plan, including taking medication during and after the procedure for several days.

What is the treatment experience?

Before your carotid stent placement surgery, you will undergo an in-office carotid angiogram. This is a comfortable experience that requires about 90 minutes to complete.

The area will be numbed before your procedure, and most patients, although awake, are under mild sedation. A tube will be placed in the artery (catheter), and contrast material injected, so the artery structure is visible on a monitor.

A filter is placed within the artery to catch debris, and a balloon-tipped device is inserted and inflated to widen the artery. Once the area is widened, a stent, a mesh tube, is placed to keep the artery to keep it stable and keep it from narrowing again in the future. The balloon device, catheter, and filter are then withdrawn. The incision is so small that no stitches are needed after your procedure. You will need to rest and relax comfortably for several hours following the surgery. Follow-up testing may be performed for some patients.

Preparing for a Percutaneous Carotid Stent Placement

We will work with you to ensure you know what to expect and how to prepare for your procedure. You may be instructed to stop taking certain medications before your procedure and to avoid eating and drinking the night before and the morning of the surgery. If you need to continue to take a specific medication, swallow it with just a small sip of water. Arrange for another adult to drive you home after your procedure.

What are the benefits of a percutaneous carotid stent placement?

The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Non-surgical
  • Non-invasive
  • Lowers the risk of stroke
  • Faster recovery time than endarterectomy (CEA)
  • No large surgical incision, no stitches
  • Recovery far less uncomfortable than traditional surgery
  • No general anesthesia needed in most cases

Why choose Advanced Surgical Technology?

At Advanced Surgical Technology, you will be under the care of a highly experienced vascular surgeon, Dr. Liyanage. Every treatment plan is customized to match the needs of the individual. Dr. Liyanage and his staff are on a mission to provide superior surgical care with the highest level of integrity and an extraordinary level of personalized service. Our approach is far different from what you may experience at another facility, even answering the phones personally and offering same-day appointments. We have an office-based lab that makes the journey to improved health far more convenient.

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