A sports physical is a pre-participation physical exam that helps your doctor determine if you are physically able to participate in a sport safely.

Who are the candidates for annual physicals and sports physicals?

Every person, young or old, needs an annual physical. This yearly visit allows your doctor to check your vital signs and conduct a thorough examination for early detection of any health issues. Any child or adult planning to participate in a sport or start a new exercise routine can benefit from a sports physical.

What should I expect with an annual or sports physical?

Annual physicals and sports physicals are similar to what you can expect. Both types of examinations include:

  • Vital signs: Medical staff will check your weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate.
  • Medical history: Your doctor will ask you about personal and family medical history, lifestyle, immunizations, etc., and give you an opportunity to address any health concerns.
  • Physical exam: The doctor will observe your general appearance, listen to your heart and lungs, and examine your head and neck. In a sports physical, you will also have an eye exam and tests for strength and flexibility of the joints.

Why choose AST Primary Care for annual physicals and sports physicals?

We are a multidisciplinary practice that offers primary care services, as well as vascular surgery, general surgery, cosmetics, and aesthetics. We have an office-based lab to make services quicker and more convenient for our patients. Our mission is to provide you with superior comprehensive care.

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